Welcome to Cycloculture, a journal dedicated to cycling in the real world.

So begins the introduction to Forbes Black’s excellent journal, Cycloculture.

Forbes, the owner of the Yahoo group, Bicycle Restoration, has managed to interview some of the most progressive cycling thinkers and bike builders in the world. His list includes Andy Corson of Surly; Stephen Bilenky, Bilenky Cycle Works; Mikael Colville-Andersen, Copenhagen Cycle Chic; Grant Petersen, Rivendell Bicycle Works; and in the latest article, Patrick Benard, Co-Founder of Bowery Lane Bicycles.

Also sprinkled in are a few tech tips, some good pictures, a few realistic and objective (you can be realistic and objective when you aren’t sucking up to advertisers) product reviews, and a few other “nuggets.” You’ll need to dig for those on your own.

A highly polished and entertaining journal, it’s highly suggest that you spend some time there, then check back often.

Cycloculture can be found at cycloculture.com

Event List Page Updated

The Event list is getting hammered into shape. In the past week I’ve managed to cull some of the older events and add some more. Thanks to those who have made suggestions and have provided leads.

Bike Rage 1897 style

Bike rage circa 1897

From Art of Trolling website

Hello world!

Welcome to Bikejohn.  I’m John.

I’ve been a collector, restorer, and dealer in vintage bicycles for a lot of years now, so my interest in bikes is a little different. I’d like to see more people ride bicycles for a lot of reasons, and do what I can to encourage that.

So what’s the purpose of another blog about bikes? A couple, I hope. One is to encourage a return of bicycles into mainstream society. Bicycles were once a part of everyday life (and still are in many countries), but should be everywhere. I’m not advocating laws, mass events, or the like, but a simple decision to return to a better, more healthy, more productive way of life.

Another purpose of this blog is to share things: ideas, images, websites, events, tips, and other blogs that promote bicycling, or at least are interesting–to me. I hope that eventually others will share the same, too.

So bear with me. Blogs tend to take on a life of their own, or just quietly fade away. Hopefully this one will find its way.