1. Intro
2. Why buy used?
3. What kind of bike should I buy? Or, what bike shouldn’t I buy? 4/22/11
4. Roadie or not: I’m so mixte upped. A discussion of different bike designs.
5. Am I keeping you in suspension? Sprung and unsprung bikes.
6. Having fits. Bike sizing and fitting basics.
7. Reading between the lines. Ad basics.
8. Going shopping. Be prepared.
9. First impressions. I drove halfway across the state for this?
Inspecting the:
10. Frame
11. Wheels
12. Tires
13. Cranks, rings, bottom bracket
14. Chain, derailleurs
15. Shifters cables
16. Brakes
17. Seat, stem
18. Handlebars, stem
19. Accessories

Parting words

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