For not being a bicycle shop, I buy and sell a lot of bikes. Many are sold to bike shops, many to people who for many reasons choose to buy used, and a lot are sold to people who have never shopped for a bicycle before.

There are several reasons that I sell a lot to the first-timers, but one is that I feel an educated buyer is the best buyer. So I take the time to educate those who come to me. And lest you think I’m pushing people to make a sale, I can assure you that I’ve spent much more time educating people who haven’t bought from me than those who have. I feel that I’ve been successful if someone learns something and then makes a good decision, even if they buy elsewhere.

So I’ve decided to do a new buyer primer covering the basics: why buy a used bike, what kind of bike to buy, what not to buy, what to look for when buying, and some more. I’d like to think that after reading this that the average person looking for their first or second bike can make a good decision. A poor decision can be costly, it will make itself known quickly, and will most likely end a promising hobby or a healthy lifestyle before it even begins. What a shame that would be.

Too, I have found that many people are embarrassed to ask the most basic questions, they are afraid that their questions will make them look stupid. A lack of knowledge isn’t the same thing as stupid. Not acquiring knowledge when it’s available and needed is stupid.

I hope that I can cover the basics well enough that there won’t be many questions; but if you have any please ask, use the contact link on the top menu bar.

And lastly, because this is a blog, this will be a work in progress. But with bicycling season almost upon us (middle of April right now), I’ll try to bust this out in the next few weeks.

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